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Jan 24, 2019

Rob and Britta discuss This American Life Episode 37 - The Job that Takes Over Your Life, as well as Britta’s former job fixing scandals for big companies, and Rob’s former job working for Garrison Keillor. Other topics include the great radio reporter Scott Carrier and his masterpiece of a story The Test, and Rob interviews Peter Clowney, one of the original producers of This American Life, about what it was like to work on the show in the early days.

Links and Show Notes:

The Job that Takes Over Your Life

In Particular - Blonde Redhead

Defect2: Curiosidade - John Mcentire Remix

Lydia - Tim Story

Shatter - Liz Phair

Scott Carrier interview on Tape

Scott Carrier interview on HowSound

Hitchhiker episode of Home of the Brave

Gentle Chase by Podington Bear

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