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Jan 10, 2019

Rob and Britta discuss whether this episode is TAL’s first real masterpiece, the role of David Sedaris in the show’s early years, why “The Man in the Well” is the rare example of great audio fiction, the bone-chilling music of the Bulgarian State Television Female Choir, and why an effort to keep children from excluding each other makes Rob weirdly emotional.

And we talk to the amazing Marlo Mack, from the podcast How to Be a Girl, about her own unique perspective on the cruelty of children.

Links and Show Notes:

The Cruelty of Children

David Sedaris on Morning Edition

Nah Dran by Couch

Lydia by Tim Story

Coffaro’s Theme by Bill Frisell

Santa Land Diaries

The Writer in the Well

Pilentze Pee by Bulgarian State Television Female Choir

How to Be a Girl

Gentle Chase by Podington Bear

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