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Nov 21, 2018

A discussion of This American Life Episode 10: Double Lives. Topics include Rob and Britta's own experiences leading double lives, Rob's childhood habit of breaking into schools at night, why this episode feels like the birth of This American Life, why parents so often hide secrets from their children, what Britta’s parents have been hiding from her, and how it feels to hear Ira Glass talk about sex.

This episode also includes an interview with Peter Bresnan, a podcast producer for Gimlet, about what it's like to listen to this old episode of TAL on the topic of closeted gay men.

Links and Show Notes:

Cubes by Jon Brion

Kt by Bexar Bexar

Coffero’s Theme by Bill Frisell Quartet

Episode 10: Double Lives

It Might Get Loud - a documentary about Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White

Another Version of You by Chris Zabriskie

Tell Me I’m Funny - a podcast by Peter Alexander Bresnan

A Chorus Line

Maybelle by Ida

Catalog & Classify by Mark Robinson

Gentle Chase by Podington Bear

Peter Bresnan’s Twitter

Rob’s Twitter

Britta’s Twitter

Before It Had a Theme Twitter

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